Is it safe? Will it work for me? These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding “Sedation Dentistry”. To help you and your loved ones decide if this is right for you, we’re going to answer these questions for you before you even have to ask. There are many choices of sedation medicine and techniques that can be used. You and your dentist will review many factors like your individual medical history to choose which one is right for you.

Many of our patients are administered an oral medicine the evening before the treatment appointment. This way when you arrive at the office you are already relaxed. Another dose of medicine may be administered about one hour before treatment begins to provide the necessary level of relaxation to complete your dental care. Historically these medications have proven to be safe and effective in millions upon millions of uses and therefore give us great confidence. There is even a medication available to reverse the effects! To ensure your safety, while you are medicated you are continually monitored for vital signs. Baseline readings are taken at your first visit so we know what is normal for you. To ensure a successful sedation outcome it is important that you read and mark the sedation checklist that will be provided to you. It is also important that an accurate medical history be given along with a list of current prescribed and non-prescribed medications you are taking. What to expect? The goal of oral sedation is not to create sleep. Our goal is to create the most relaxed and comfortable appointment as possible, while you remain awake and conscious. However, many sedated patients feel they slept through the entire appointment. We create a relaxed and comfortable environment where a patient will experience little or no anxiety with little or no memory of the appointment. Dental work will not start until you are completely comfortable.